Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services in Milton Keynes

Promoting your site to the top of Google Rankings

Can people find your website?

You have a website, it looks good. But if no-one can find it what’s the point?

Google Search Engine Optimisation

Based in Deanshanger, Milton Keynes with years of experience of getting websites onto the first page of Google, my customers can confirm that being at the top of the first page of Google is the major factor in their success, the first site people come across when looking for the service you provide, your site is the first solution to their problem and most importantly, if you provide what they want, their first choice (you) could be their decision.
Sites at the top of Google have successful companies behind them, behind the company is a good SEO developer with trusted clients and techniques which work.
Contact me, we can discuss your wishes and we can create some objectives, a strategy and also a plan of action to move you to that coverted place!

Google My Business – Be seen in results and maps

Own more space on Google with map placement results

Google My Business

Google My Business (replaced Google Places) is a very much under-used facility that Google offers. It allows companies to have a map listing which quite often now forms part of a web search result. For local and destination search queries this is a very important factor for all businesses.
Google Maps can provide a big space in Google for your company to appear, own more space on Google increasing your chance of being the company that is clicked for the service being searched for.
A simple task, yet the results have such an impact.
Ask me more about Google My Business and see what it can do for you.

Social Media Strategy

Use your voice and spread the word

Social Media is now a critical element of any Search Engine Optimisation strategy. Being able to reach millions of people and interact with them creates an audience for you and your website. Spread your news online and through your social channels. 1 like on Facebook can turn into 1,000 visitors, a clever tweet on Twitter can turn into a Million followers.

Your Social Media strategy can be a simple sharing of your website content on the different channels such as Google+ Twitter and Facebook. The value of these social channels is now being included by Google in its new algorhythms.

Why not ask me about Social strategies and paths that your business could take and its potential reward in traffic..

Content, Content, Content

Content and quality content, the most critical element of SEO

Besides structure and your keyword strategy eyc content is the number 1 factor for good SEO ranking and performance on google. Not quantity, but good structured quality content is the key, your content drives your Google results, its your food for your social strategy and it's also the expert information that your visitor needs in order to convert from a visitor to a potential customer.

Talk to me about content, content writing and how to interact and inform your visitor.


Finding out what people do and how they act

Google Analytics is a FREE service from google which analyses your websites statistics, allowing you to see how many visitors you have, how many pages they view and in some cases who is browsing your site. Analytics can be installed on any website and will monitor activity to give you critical data on the performance of your site.

Talk to me about getting Analytics onto your website and some reporting to see what is happening.

Responsive Websites

Making sure your website works on a mobile device

How many visitors come to your site on a mobile/tablet device? Does your site reflect the modern way of surfing? Are you missing out on visitors and conversions? In April 2015 Google started promoting mobile websites on mobile devices above standard desktop sites, you could be losing out!

Talk to me about converting your existing site to a mobile friendly site.

Social Media

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Generate a social following.

Social is a key element to both website SEO and visitor interaction, your social activity could drive so much more buisiness and visitors to your site! In most instances it is easier to get social followers than it is to get website visitors.

Talk to me about starting a social campaign.

Social Media

Do you want to discuss your website and look at what is possible?

Would you like a free consultation on your site and web planning? I can come to your business and talk about your websites, their structure, what we can do and how it would benefit, we can set up objectives and a plan which we can work from.

Talk to me about a free consultation.

 Website Design

My website is now modern looking, professional and my visitors now take my business offering seriously! I feel confident enough now to tell people to look at the site.

 e-Commerce Solutions

I thought my previous e-commerce site worked ok, but my visitor to conversion rate went from 1% to 3.5% which is a massive increase, simply from changing the layout of my site and updating the e-commerce solution. I have recoevered the costs in 8 months.


From 1,500 visitors per month and page 4 of Google, to 8,500 per month and the number 1 position in 2 years. My online traffic surprised me and my business! Using Adwords i can control budget and ROI, i can increase or decrease sales as and when i want with the ability to appear online at the top on demand!